At Paradise Pharms, we strive to deliver the highest quality of organic, therapeutic CBD products available. We domestically source our oil from the finest cannabis sativa plant with the highest cannabidiol content possible.
What is CBD?
Hemp extract is an oil derived from the stalks and seeds of the industrial hemp plant. This oil can be used for a variety of purposes, the most popular being consumed as a wellness supplement for the cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, Cannabidiol (CBD) and more.
We Care About Quality
Paradise Pharms is a leader in the hemp industry, specializing in high-quality CBD oil products derived from hemp. The team at Paradise Pharms is dedicated to providing expert knowledge, unparalleled variety, and quality customer service.
Third Party Testing
Our hemp oil is third party tested for potency and quality. Our stringent testing program ensures that you get the very best possible hemp oil.